YouTube Music Art Track Ingestion Fails but Content ID Delivery Succeeds

When distributing to YouTube Music and YouTube Content ID, you may encounter the situation where the ingestion for Content ID succeeds, but the ingestion of the YouTube Music art track fails (and therefore causes you to be in default of YouTube’s content commitment requirements.

This can happen because of the way YouTube needs to coordinate the processing of the CID sound reference alongside the art track sound reference. 


ANS monitors for these cases on a daily basis and will fix the issue for you. However, if you want to be proactive and resolve the issue yourself directly, all you should need to do is simply to redeliver your release to YouTube Music.

In some rare instances, this may again fail. If that should happen, please do as follows:

  1. Take down the Content ID release.
  2. Redeliver the YouTube Music release. Wait until you can confirm it has processed correctly.
  3. Redeliver the Content ID release.

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