Linking YouTube Channel to MCN

Benefits of linking your YouTube channel with ANS Enterprise LLC’s MCN  #

  • Benefit from ANS Enterprise LLC’s work that results in generating more revenue from YouTube
  • Content ID for all sound recordings in the videos uploaded directly on your channel

Conditions for linking your YouTube channel #

  • 100% of the content must be music related
  • 100% of the content must be original
  • You must meet YouTube’s acceptance criteria
  • Please also review the next section 

Conditions for maintaining your YouTube channel in ANS Enterprise LLC’s MCN #

  • IMPORTANT: You are required to not receive more than 1 strike per 90-day period across all your linked channels. This means that you can receive no more than 1 strike (per 90-day period starting with the first strike received) regardless of whether you have 1 or 10 channels. Any channel receiving an additional strike will be unlinked. Note that retracted strikes will not count against your account. As a channel manager it is your responsibility to ensure that any rights dispute does not result in a strike. If someone is claiming one of your videos, you must do either of the following:
    • If you own the full rights to the recording: then please issue a DMCA notice against the claiming asset on YouTube’s DMCA page.
    • If you do not own the full rights to the recording: then you must accept the 3rd party’s claim or take down your video so that no strike is applied.
    • If the issue is more complex, then it is your responsibility to reach out to our support to consult us on addressing the issue in order to avoid a strike. Note that this must be done ASAP as YouTube only gives you 7 days after your claims appeal is rejected by the 3rd party to take down the video; thereafter a strike is applied.
  • You must strictly follow all YouTube monetization and community guidelines:
    • You cannot add your track as an intro/outro to a music compilation video in order to claim that video — your track must be part of the compilation
    • You cannot purchase placement of your music in popular 3rd party content (such as popular TV series, news or sports broadcasts, animes and cartoons, etc.). Note that violating this YouTube policy will cause your infringing asset to be permanently removed from CID and all your YouTube CID royalties to be withheld.
  • You must perform at least 2 of the following actions per month:
    • Upload a provider video and make it public;
    • Perform a live stream;
    • Post a reel;
    • Create a playlist;
    • Comment on your own channel (as your Channel);
    • Comment on another channel (as your Channel);
    • Create a community post

Royalties Reporting for Channel #

If you have YouTube channels to which you need to report to  would like ANS Enterprise LLC to manage your channel royalties reporting to other rights holders than yourself, please contact us for more information on how this is currently handled.

Procedure to link your channel #

  1. Review the following YouTube acceptance criteria to make sure your channel qualifies.
  2. Email [email protected] with your channel URL or ID
  3. YouTube requires us to submit channel linking requests no more than once a month. We submit these on the 25th of each month. So if your request comes in on the 26th, it will not get sent to YouTube until the 25th of the following month. Once YouTube receives our requests, it takes about 1 week to receive their response for your application.

Fees #

Fees for joining  YouTube MCN range from 15-25% and are subject to evaluation based on the standing of the channel once the channel is submitted for review. Please contact the Sales Team ([email protected]) to establish your rate.

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