Change your artist’s image in a Store

To ensure that your releases have an optimal visibility on the Stores, it is essential that your artist picture meets certain criteria:

  1. Your photo/avatar represents your artistic personality : you should be recognized at first glance
  2. Your banner is still updated and consistant according to your new album artworks ; if the artist page represent an old album, your fans may think this is not an official page and will be resistant to follow
  3. The image respects the following production guidelines :

Image quality: Keep in mind that the image is viewed from several digital media (website, application, social networks, computer or mobile). Make sure that the image has a sufficient size in pixels that your photo is not blurred on any media. 

Contrasting background: In your image, it is best to easily distinguish the subject from the background on which it was photographed. Therefore, we recommend that you make sure there is a contrast between the subject and the background.

Make it simple. Your image will probably be used on several formats. For this to happen, avoid overly complex action images and prioritize simple, easier-to-use poses.

Framing: Make sure that the subject is well framed and centralized on the image and prioritize a frame on which the subject is far enough away so that his bust is fully visible.

Provide the source visual, without any text or special effects on it.

If you want more details on the presentation of your artist photo, you can check out the Spotify article What Makes an Excellent Artist Image.

Discover how to optimize your artist profiles on Artist Resources.

Store requirements #

Avatar : Image that represents the artists in a Store.

Apple Music / iTunes #

You may change your artist picture directly in Apple Music for Artists.
Format: ≥2400x2400pixels

Deezer #

Avatar: Send your Avatar to your Labels Artists Support Team.
Format: ≥1200x1200px / ≤9MB / jpg, jpeg, png

Spotify #

Artist picture and Header: you can change your pictures directly in Spotify for Artists.

Napster #

Avatar: Send your Avatar to your Labels Artists Support Team
Format: 1920 x 1280 pixels / .jpeg

Tidal #

Avatar: Send your Avatar to your Labels Artists Support Team

For the best results, please submit a square .jpeg image with at least 720 x 720 pixels in size.
Landscape also works, please submit in 1080 x 720 pixels / .jpeg.

Amazon #

Artist picture and Header: you can change your pictures directly in Amazon Music for Artists.

File must be jpeg, or png, at least 500 x 500px and no larger than 5MB. Avoid text, logos, and busy images.

Beatport #

If you’re an Artist: use this form

Format for Artists: 590 × 404 pixels / .jpeg

If you’re a Label: use this form

Format for Labels: 500 x 500 pixels / .jpeg

Traxsource #

Start by claiming access to your Entity Account through this link. You will then be able to change your artist image and information.

Qobuz #

Avatar: Send your Avatar to your Labels Artists Support Team

Format: 800×800 pixels / .jpeg / less than 800 Ko

SberZvuk (Zvooq) #

Avatar: Send your Avatar to your Labels Artists Support Team

Format: 1080*1080px, square form, .jpeg, maximum 300KB.


Avatar: Send your Avatar to your Labels Artists Support Team in two different formats :

Requires 2 photos with the same image in two different formats:

  1. 1500 × 1120 px / .jpeg for the web version
  2. 1820 х 458 px / .jpeg for the mobile application.

YouTube Music #

Please find below the process for any YouTube Music images update :

  1. If you already have an Official Artist Channel: log in to Creator Studio and go to your Artist Center tab. Under “Profile”, add the landscape image to your Photo Gallery and update your profile picture with the same image.
  2. If you do not have anArtist Center tab in Creator Studio: send the images or a link to the images to [email protected].

You should expect to receive an auto responder to which you’ll need to reply “confirmed” to update your image. In addition, due to legal constraints, if you want to have consistent branding across core YouTube and the YouTube Music app, you will need to upload the same image to your YouTube Channel as the channel icon – instructions here.

Please find below the statement to send to [email protected]:

I confirm that [Artist/Label Name] (“Provider”) authorizes Google to use (and make minor modifications in connection with such use such as resizing and cropping, etc.), at no cost, the artist images sent to Google via [email protected], including all names and likenesses, trade names, trademarks and service marks depicted there in (each, an “Image”) for worldwide, perpetual (subject to Provider’s removal right below) use in connection with the promotion of the artist on, in the YouTube main app (e.g. onartistchannels, search pages, playlists, music banners, watch cards), in the YouTube Music app, in YouTube’s social channels (e.g. YouTube’s Twitter handles, Facebook page), and solelyin the following additional Google products: the Knowledge Graph (which powers Google Search) and Google Play Music. Provider will be responsible for all necessary third party rights, licenses and clearances arising from Google’s permitted use of such artist images. Google will promptly cease to display any Image upon Provider’s written request.

Artist picture guidelines for YouTube Music:

Format: Minimum 5120 x 2880 at 150 dpi / .jpeg or .png / rectangular (in landscape position). Artist photo only, no text or album art. Needs to work when cropped into a circle and a square, so leave space around the edges.

Solo artists should show their head and shoulders, not the entire body:


Groups need extra space so people don’t get auto-cropped:


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