Safelisting / Whitelisting a YouTube Channel

if you need to safelist/whitelist a YouTube channel, please use this form.

Note that you must indicate only the channel ID from the URL (the part in blue below):

Note that all channel IDs begin with: UC

If your channel URL does not look like the link above but is a customized URL like this here is how to obtain the proper channel ID:

  • Go to the channel’s page on YouTube
  • Right-click on an empty portion of the page and select “View page source” (different browser may call this slightly differently like “View source”)
  • This will open a new tab/page showing the HTML for the page
  • On the HTML page search for: itemprop=”url”
  • This will find something like this:
  • Copy the part that begins with UC up until the end (don’t include the quote marks). For this example, the channel ID is: UC9StokH9MOa2Ns_-8HkrcXA

If you have multiple channels to safelist/whitelist, please enter each channel ID on a separate line. Make sure there are no spaces or other characters.

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