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Disclaimer: We only deliver your content to the following countries: United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom, France, Germany, Ireland, Netherlands, Spain, Italy, Portugal, Belgium, Switzerland, Austria, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Norway.

Please note that, if you’ve agreed to deliver your catalog to SoundCloud, you will be notified of the delivery in your Backstage. Public domain content will not be delivered to SoundCloud.

Catalog delivery #

If you received a notification in your Backstage stating that we’ve started delivering your catalog, please note that the delivery of your catalog depend on whether you are located on a monetized country or not. New releases and back catalog releases are also delivered differently.

If you are based in a monetized territory #

New Releases: Your releases will only be delivered to monetized countries.

Back Catalog: Your Back catalog releases will only be delivered to monetized countries. If they already existed in your catalog, they will appear duplicated at first, and will be eventually merged into one release, which will be available exclusively on the monetized countries. To fast-track the the merge of your releases, please contact your local Support Team.

If you are based in a non-monetized territory #

New Releases Back-Catalog:

ANS can only distribute to the monetized countries. If you want your tracks to be available on your home country, you must upload it on your SoundCloud page. Please make sure to remove the monetized countries from the distribution territories on your SoundCloud uploads. By doing this, the users will only be able to play ANS’s tracks in the monetized countries, and your uploads will be available in the rest of the World.

They will appear like this:


Artist pages #

  • Can I deliver content to the Label page instead of the artist’s page?

Like other DMS, SoundCloud will link your content to artist profiles. The store will identify the right artist’s profile page and deliver the content to it. If the artist doesn’t have a page, SoundCloud will create it.
This being said, the label is free to repost the tracks from the Artist’s page. Streams generated on the repost will also be monetized.

  • What if my content is delivered to the wrong artist page?

Please contact your local Support team, who will handle the issue with SoundCloud via a form.

  • How to modify my artists’ profile pictures?
  1. Previously existing profiles: you may do it directly on the platform
  2. Profile created through ANS: Please refer to your local support team. Requirements for profile header are minimum 2480x520px/maximum 2Mb/jpg, png; and for profile picture – minimum 1000×1000/maximum 2Mb/jpg, png.
  • Who takes care of my artist profile?
  1. Previously existing artist profiles: You still have access to it, so you’re free to amend the cover photos or repost.
  2. Profiles created through ANS: Your local Support team will handle your profile. If you wish to, you may request access to your profile by writing to your Support team but bear in mind that this action is irreversible.
  • I wish to make a manual upload on my artist’s profile but it seems to be blocked by ANS:

You can ask the Support team to whitelist the artist’s profile.

  • A fake profile exists:

Please contact your local Support team.

Releases #

  • My release has been delivered but is not available on SoundCloud, what happened?

If it’s the first time you deliver this artist to SoundCloud, the platform has locate/create the artist’s page, so the process can take up to several weeks. Your content will likely not be available straight after the delivery. Please contact your local Support team prior to the release date if it is a key release.

  • How are albums displayed on SoundCloud?

Albums are displayed as playlists.

  • How can I merge duplicated tracks?

You may refer to your local Support teams for merging duplicates. Please note the following:

  1. The release’s previous statistics will be kept, but ANS’s metadata will be displayed (Titles, Artist Name, genre, Label Name.
  2. If you merge a track delivered by ANS and a track uploaded by the artist (available worldwide), the territory rights will change, and the track will be available exclusively in the monetized countries.
  • My release has 2 primary artists but only one is displayed, what happened?

SoundCloud can only display the release on one profile. The second artist needs to repost the track on his page.

  • The release has already been manually uploaded before

You can deliver the track through ANS and ask your Support team to merge the duplicates once delivered.

  • What about licensed releases delivered by several providers?

If your artist is distributed by several providers, tracks will not be duplicated on the artist page, as long as all distributors use the same metadata (same ISRC, same tracklisting, same titles). The user will only see one track depending on the country he is in.

  • A release is visible on my artist’s profile even if it wasn’t yet released, or if it was taken down. What happened?

All the tracks are visible for the admin even when it is not visible for the other users. The admin of the profile should check if the track is set as PRIVATE or PUBLIC. In case of doubt, you can refer to Support team.

Profile verification on Soundcloud #

Profile verification on Soundcloud is active since early 2021.

Official blue checkmarks show up in search and on profiles of verified creators. The profile verification help well-known artists stand out and maintain their authenticity, and to help listeners identify these artists more easily.

Request your profile validation #

To request verification, your account has to meet the requirements below:

  1. It must be a unique profile. We do not verify fan accounts or impersonators.
  2. It doesn’t contain any misleading information and adheres to SoundCloud’s terms of use.
  3. It must have a bio, profile photo, social media links and at least one track uploaded.
  4. The profile must be active.

If your profile meets these requirements and you wish to request a verification, please send a request to your local Support Team with your Artist Name and Soundcloud URL.

Once SoundCloud receives your requests, please allow 1 to 2 weeks for your profile to be validated.

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