Find my music on Instagram

Follow these tips to find your music on Instagram:

  1. Go to your Instagram profile and click on the “Story” button at the bottom center.
  2. Choose Stories from the list of options.
  3.  Click on Music 

From here you can search by:

– Artist name

– song title,

or even ISRC number. This is especially useful if you have difficulty finding your music by artist name or song title.

Search for ISRC

To search by ISRC, enter “isrc:” in the search field, followed by your ISRC number without spaces or hyphens.

This should allow you to view any publication correctly present on Instagram, even when searching by title gives no results.

Please note that searches on the platform are based on an algorithm over which we have no control. The more your fans search for and listen to your album, the more likely it will start to appear higher in searches.

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