SoundCloud Monetization Territories

SoundCloud doesn’t yet monetize worldwide. As of February 2022, SoundCloud only monetizes in the following 

territories: US, CA, GB, IE, FR, NL, BE, ES, AU, NZ, PT, IT, DE, CH, AT, DK, NO, SE, FI

Revelator currently only distributes to SoundCloud’s monetized territories. 

To monetize in additional SoundCloud territories you will need to:

  • Make sure the SoundCloud account qualifies for monetization 
  • Ask your account executive or contact support [at] to “allowlist” the SoundCloud profile from which you will manually upload the release
  • Upload the release manually on the individual SoundCloud profiles.
    • Users typically upload tracks manually themselves (which are automatically set to worldwide availability). 
  • Your manually uploaded tracks are then claimed for monetization by the individual rights holders via Deck’s Manual Monetization tool. 


More than one account can monetize the same ISRC as long as there are no conflicting territories being claimed. For example, 1 rights holder can claim rights for DE, US, while another claims NZ, AU for the same ISRC. In this example, there are no conflicting territories being claimed. 

However, if 2 rights holders each attempt to claim DE and US – this is not supported. This applies to both supply chain deliveries and monetization of manually uploaded tracks.

Allowlisting is separate to monetization. Allowlisting ensures that users who are authorized to manually upload content — for example, your affiliated artists — can do so without that content being blocked by SoundCloud’s content identification system.

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